Happy New Year

I need to post something, now and again, to remind people that this page is still ‘live’.

It’s hard – the interweb is awash with ADHD stuff and I have little faith in my opinion, so don’t publish trivia from either.

It’s not as if I don’t have opinions ( I have opinions about everything, including things I haven’t heard about yet) but I have a modicum of self awareness, so don’t want to bore you with my meanderings. Errrrrrrrrrrrr.

I love a bit of irony, it proves I’m not a septic.

Did I mention it’s 2018?



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ADHD Action

A new advocacy has launched in the UK – ADHD action.

Lend them a hand – supply an ADHD story, put a few £££ their way – check out their website for ways to help

or just spread their name around on social media – publicity helps awareness.

Here’s a link to their website

ADHD Action

and their Facebook page

ADHD Action Facebook

Forward together!


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Bacteria Causes ADHD! (no they don’t)

Is it these guys?

Recently a fascinating report appeared in the medical press about how gut bacteria play a part in ADHD.

I nearly spat my drink onto my keyboard (I really need a waterproof keyboard).

Gut bacteria? ADHD?

What a complete load of tosh!

Is what I said to myself first.

The gut has been pulling surprises on us for years – first it was stomach ulcers not being caused by acid, but by bacteria – ulcers are now treated by antibiotics.

So although I found the bacteria/ADHD link hard to swallow (watch out for more gut puns) I came round to a sceptical-yet-open-to-more-information state.

I’m not convinced by the snippets I’ve seen so far – it’s been a bit thin on detail and bacteria are something I’ve not looked into – but it might go somewhere.

My point – be sceptical but open minded – weird stuff can turn out to be true.

Here’s a link




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Declaration – a play.

Art with Heart are touring Declaration – an exploration of one person’s experience of growing up with mental health issues.

Let me amend that…..

growing up neurodiverse ( info on neurodiversity).

Those with keen memories might remember that I wrote a review of this play ( link to my review ), which premiered last year but is about to go on tour.

Let’s just say that I liked it. A lot.

Let Art with Heart tell you about it.




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Rory Bremner on BBC Horizon

Rory Bremner has made a series of programs about ADHD, and his relationship with it, over a few years.

This particular time it’s a ‘Horizon’ documentary – it explores some of the whys and wherefores of ADHD.

It’s very accessible and I think it’s a good, representative, view.

Our thanks to ADHD Richmond for making this video accessible.



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Dr Temple Grandin Changed My Life

Dr Temple Grandin – Gamechanger.

Many, many years ago I watched a strange documentary about an awkward woman who understood animals, and who noticed that a proportion of them relaxed when in a ‘crush’ (a machine designed to hold them still, with gentle pressure).

She then explained trying it herself and how she described it matched how I experienced the world – I liked being cuddled hard and being nearly smothered under the sheer weight of blankets, which restrict your movements.

I knew at that point that I was an ADHDer but didn’t see it in her; I didn’t know autism at all.

But I felt a kinship with her, like we were related in some way, and it changed how I viewed the world, that there were more of us ‘outsiders’ and that we’d probably be better in some form of alliance.

Eventually I found out that developmental disorders (eg ADHD/autism/dyslexia etc) rarely occurs as one disorder in one person, so finding common ground with someone who primarily show the major symptoms of another disorder is ‘normal’.  That chance encounter made me think…and I nearly turned it off because it looked boring!

And now Dr Grandin has been recognised as a game changing individual and I’m chuffed to bits for her.

But if nobody had paid attention to her I wouldn’t have had that kick in my posterior to ‘do something’.





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Fun For ADHDers

And many others.

It’s just a bit of light relief, and many symptoms can occur in ‘normal’ people (see a psychiatrist for details).


Thanks to TotallyADD for not suing us 😀



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ADHD Child vs. Non-ADHD Child Interview

A video by ‘My Little Villagers’

An excellent depiction of how self esteem/self awareness get damaged very early on.



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DECLARATION. A play at The Lowry, Salford, June 2016


fortunately there is only one Sarah

fortunately there is only one Sarah

Performed in the round in The Lowry’s studio space, so capacity was not much more than 100, which makes it incredibly intimate.

And then Sarah arrives onstage, which significantly ups the ante.

It was a merciless performance. Sarah turned the screws on tight and kept them on for the entire performance, which was quite a ride.

The story of one small boy and his dog this was not. It was Sarah, Sarah and more Sarah, dragging us through the complexities of her life and how her mental health is affecting it.

It starts in good humour and, once she had you on board, then started slipping in the harder stuff. And being in the audience was no defence, you were going to be used, with some aplomb, as ‘ad hoc’ commentators/advisors to whatever theme Sarah was pursuing at that point.

Sarah believes her mental health problems are mainly down to ADHD (I’d agree) and the script explored many of the issues of growing up/living with that in a thoughtful, engaging and thought provoking way.

It was good stuff. Sarah is thunderously energetic, and not afraid of emotion, so you’d need to have a heart of stone not to be transported through the experience with her.

Being emotionally incontinent myself made me an easy mark, so I left utterly drained, but in a good way.

I really can’t recommend it highly enough. ADHDers will enjoy comparing themselves with it. Families of ADHDers will see ADHD explained in an easy to understand way. Those completely out of the ADHD orbit will just have to settle for a rip-roaring emotional roller-coaster of a play. I pity them.


For more details of the authors/performers and future dates (a tour is being planned) contact Art With Heart or click on this link to their Facebook page


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Why You Need Emotional Intelligence To Succeed

whyyouneedemotionalintelligenceAn article by Travis Bradberry.

click on this link

LGFs comment

I was quite happy with my medication because it kept me on track where I usually veered. I changed to another because it promised better emotional intelligence…and it worked*.

There was a trade off because I lost some functionality but the thicker skin I acquired was much more important – much reduced sensitivity to the daily battering of stupidity, and there’s a whole world of that.



*I’m better than I was, not cured.

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