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Support Group – Report

Last Monday we had the monthly support group meet. It was the usual mix of regulars, noobs and occasional visitors with a concoction of the undiagnosed, newly diagnosed and old lags with their T shirt so old they have to … Continue reading

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Want To Be On TV?

Seriously – various media Johnnies have been beating a virtual path to our door trying to recruit victims subjects to interview. So if you fancy giving it a go get in touch and I’ll give you the details – though … Continue reading

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NHS Parking Crisis

Family of man left under car park blames NHS The family of a man who lay for more than 500 years beneath a car park in Leicestershire “without once receiving medical attention” is to sue the NHS for negligence. Campaigners … Continue reading

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It’s February already and I’ve been busy not updating here. There just hasn’t been anything that interesting going on – meetings still happen, people contact maddchester for information/help and I’ve adopted another dog (that’s right…blame the dog). So – it’s … Continue reading

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