A Day In The Life

Last Saturday I went to Derbyshire for the day.

I’m having a torrid time – Big Si has died and I think I upset an old friend and have done nothing to make sure it’s ok. Another friend is in hospital after an emergency admission – not only is he in pain but it’s wrecking his life since his family is in disarray and they could get seriously mired in debt.

Worrying times.

So a day out was a good respite.

I had a plan – nice drive through some scenic bits, a bit of lunch somewhere convivial and a bit of watching the world go by.

The plan went well. Scenery went by pleasantly, lunch was convivial and the world went by

How can the barmaid take the order? Or find your table? Or.......

in an interestingly enough way. Throw in a pint by an open fire and sharing disdain for a hunt (I hate foxhunting with a passion) and privately mocking some yuppy ramblers (I’m such a bitch) and a very good day was unfolding nicely.

The plan was fluid – no clock was watched and the goals were not set in stone so finding the car pointed at Birmingham wasn’t a disaster – saved by turning round before the green stuff stopped.

I generally think I have a laid back life but I don’t half get stressed out – I have high standards for myself that I can never meet and I have people I need to do things for – so my stresses are usually generated by myself.

And the moral of this story.

Organise! Do stuff so your life doesn’t fall apart. I need my life sorting out by organisation but it will crush my soul – so I organised some loosely structured fun – and let it have enough time to brew nicely.

It’s a see-saw. Stress is the fat kid keeping me up in the air so a quick call to the Acme deliver-a-big-weight-to-a-see-saw-service had a pleasant upshot – everyone loves the fat kid flying through the air ;-P

Get balance and learn to recognise when you don’t have it.

And if you need help to restore it I’m always here.

BTW I’ve never been on a bouncy castle. Who’s going to book me one for my next birthday?



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