UK GOV Cop Out Response To Petition

See my previous post for the petition – a standard request for extra funding to remedy the disaster that is ADHD on the NHS

Once again the Department of Health and Social Care have swerved giving any kind of boost to funding to reduce the, frankly, pathetic (catastrophic) waiting lists to be treated for ADHD on the NHS.

18 weeks?

18 weeks has always been a bit of a dream – we’re talking years. I know people that have waited over three years…and it’s a serious condition if left untreated.

They will always point out that some people are seen in weeks – I took someone to be diagnosed seven weeks after seeing their GP – but those are flukes, usually urgent cases lucky enough to come in when there’s been a cancellation.

It’s been common, in my area (Greater Manchester) to be quoted a minimum of a year…but that’s usually the starting point. Multiple years is the norm.

If you thought mental health was a low priority think again. The word ‘priority’ has no business in the same sentence as mental health.

They just don’t give a shit.

Here’s that weaselly worded response


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