Dyslexic? Rambler? Read On! (it always makes me lagh – sorry)

Do you have dyslexia and like a damn good walk in the country?

My new mate Sue at the Dyslexia Foundation sent me a link to a dyslexia group that does just that – sponsored by them so it’s not going to cost much.

Follow this linky

I’ll copy this to the social page where it will be stored for the foreseeable future.

Excuse me while I slip this in! (madam!)

I visited the Dyslexia Foundation last week (not been before) and they have a room in a shared community building. I signed in at reception and asked the communal receptionist how to find their room.

‘Up those stairs, turn left and keep going till you see the door with ‘Dyslexia Foundation’ written on the door’

Since I’m ‘utterly hilarious’ I quipped back

‘How will I know?’

Boom tish! Thank yow, I’ll be here all week =D


LGF is available for Bar-Mitzvahs and weddings ;-P

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