Merry Christmas! AKA Bah bloody humbug *mumble mumble*

What do you want for crimbo?

Top of my wish list – some time off from the daily grind and the company of relaxing people.

I’m going away to stay with my brother and his family – the biggest stress is trying to duck peeling veg or thirds or getting a spot on the couch.

Which is lucky – mum is here for a funeral and is staying for christmas……12 hours here and I’m trying to insert a pillow through my ears.

At least I know my enemy – my priority is getting away from what I know will drive me nuts and replace it with something that won’t (hopefully).

So there you go – my prescription for an ADHD christmas – run away from the bad people and stick with those that you naturally fit in with. Sometimes your family isn’t the people you are raised with but those that will take you clay pigeon shooting (insert favourite ADHD activity here).

I’ll be nearly off the grid for a while – any mail/calls might not get through coz I’ll be somewhere remote (ie facking cold!) so be patient if you are trying to get in touch.

Have a good one – I wish I could take you all, it’d be a laugh.


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