Breaking The Mould

I don’t know if this is true (but some scientists have WAY too much time on their hands) but the message is a good one.

If you are having problems – why?

I once told someone that I could be ‘cured’ of ADHD….by winning the lottery.

‘Unpossible’ they said. Money does not change your chemical inbalance or genetic makeup.

Very true.

My reasoning – the huge environmental change that having a massive wad would bring would save me the hassles of life that affect me most – after that I can cope quite nicely, thank you, and ADHD would cease to be an issue.

Once I’d worked that out I started thinking about what I could do without the benefit of a huge wad.

It’s a subject I keep coming back to.

Change your environment to suit yourself then some of your problems will go away.

Lots of people will whine and moan about how they can’t change anything.

Nobody said it was going to be easy – we all have learned behaviours and inertia is much easier than change and not resisting malicious pressure or misplaced rules is easier that fighting them.

You don’t need to be a hero. But if you don’t make an effort you’re only contributing to your own downfall. That effort can be finding people to be supportive or do something on your behalf – that’s called being clever.



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