Thanks – mADDchester meet

A quick thank you (belated) to all who attended the meet last Monday 13th Feb.

A classic of it’s genre – veering wildly from serious to comic with proper ADHD behaviour on open display – including one marvellous ‘hilariously late due to train cock-up’ – £5 ensures the name never reaches print ;-P

Great stuff – it makes it all worth while


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admin, Dave, David, planetdave, le grande fromage (LGF) - it's all me. I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2006 and usually take medication. My path to diagnosis was so painful that I swore I'd do whatever I could to make things better for other ADHDers.
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  1. hey,
    Thanks for making me feel at home for my first meet. It was great to meet others and get some advice on living with add. Im trying out christine thanks to the “train cock up” individual.
    Thanks all who spoke to me…….you have all really helped.


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