How the NHS feels

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admin, Dave, David, planetdave, le grande fromage (LGF) - it's all me. I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2006 and usually take medication. My path to diagnosis was so painful that I swore I'd do whatever I could to make things better for other ADHDers.
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  1. XboxGuru says:

    Dave you use your experience and turn that positive. Unfortunately the NHS is unable to distinguish what human rights are. Thousands even millions suffer with this condition. Why don’t they just stop printing so many leaflets and do something about this, they might actually get somewhere. It’s a shame to say, “We don’t have the medical staff to do this!”. You have a doctor for everythings else, sometimes too many, that just sit around and conclude decisions via google. Isn’t it funny how the internet knows more things than your GP does. Its time to “rock the boat” in this country. I will back you up in any way necessary to push this forward. Lets take it all the way to the top where it hits the soul, politically speaking. We need to shout out loud and let them know we are here, HELLO!

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