Go on a diet

How LGF will look after a week on Dave Hs diet of algae and moon grass

Seriously, ADHDers, have you thought about what you eat?

Most of us are so busy fire fighting (getting diagnosed, getting medication, making the med work) that we forget the cornerstone of our existence – eating.

I spent three hours today being lectured talking to Dave H (AKA other Dave/Professor Shouty) about how I was killing myself drinking tea and coffee (and breathing and other stuff like that) so I set him theĀ  onerous task of writing me a diet sheet (for me to ignore) and explaining why nutrition is the most important aspect of anyone’s life. Not that he’s got a bee in his bonnet or anything;-P

But he does have a point and it’s a worthy topic of conversation, which I’ll expand upon when the diet sheet rocks up.

Which means I have a few days to load up on cream cakes and espresso before he make me feel guilty.


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