LGF Does It Again. Arse.

LGF, for it is he, had an ECG today.

you know who

And, frankly, I was shitting myself.

Not the procedure, though having half the hair from my chest ripped off with the sticky pads wasn’t nice, but from the prospect of having my meds withdrawn since a family member has heart problems and it might be inherited.

Preliminary results were OK so it’s back to the high grade pharmaceuticals for the time being, and you know how I love my high grade pharmaceuticals =D

So I’ve been winding myself up for weeks over the prospect – I can’t help it, I’m a sick bunny.

But it doesn’t sodding well help and I’ve not shared my load (lucky you!) when one of the big rules is not to try to bully through on your own, it usually ends in tears and you lose the ‘we’re in this together’ siege mentality that can give us strength.

So now that I’ve broken my own rule, and come clean, I feel virtuous enough to lecture you (yes you!) on not being a plonker and trying to get through on your own.

Peer support works!


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