mADDchester one off meet

On Saturday 28th July
The Crocky Trail
near Chester

The plan – we get together in a big open area where we can be as ADHD as we like – it’s encouraged.

All welcome – kids, parents, adult ADHDers, dogs with ADHD (bring poo bags), granny

just pack the lot in the car and get on down there.

Rendezvous near the huge wire man (HUGE) for a picnic between 12 and 2

Big dude – where we meet

I’ll bring a big colourful umbrella so you know who to look for.


Pack the kids, granny, picnic, picnic blanket and wife, go back into the house for the kids =D, lock the door, drive 5 miles and go back for the kids, wife, picnic etc who are now locked in the house – we know what you’re like.
Unfortunately you have to pay to get in
but it’s a lot of fun and you’re liable to run into a lot of ADHDers.

If you forget the picnic they sell ice cream and stuff

here’s a link

Crocky Trail


ps this event is being advertised to other support groups and online – meet new people!

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