Want To Be On TV?

Seriously – various media Johnnies have been beating a virtual path to our door trying to recruit victims subjects to interview.

So if you fancy giving it a go get in touch and I’ll give you the details – though you must have, or be, a youngster with ADHD.

I get a bit narked with it – it’s always bloody kids – not that I’ve got anything against the kids…but they’re kids for a few years….

and then you spend 50+ years being an adult with ADHD – if you live that long (serious point there, I’ve just had a friend die because of his mental health disorder age 50).

But adults with mental health issues….not cuddly, no end of trouble, frequently poor etc etc.



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admin, Dave, David, planetdave, le grande fromage (LGF) - it's all me. I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2006 and usually take medication. My path to diagnosis was so painful that I swore I'd do whatever I could to make things better for other ADHDers.
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