How I Sawed My Finger Off And Why It Was The Best Thing Ever

I didn’t saw my finger off. I used an electric planer and the finger stayed on. And it definitely wasn’t the best thing ever.

That makes me a big, fat, liar…..but with poetic licence. So that’s OK then.

I did take a good chunk out of my finger and I did need to go to A&E but I was very brave and they gave me a lollipop.

So why the ‘best thing ever’ BS?

It taught me a whopping big lesson and now I do things differently.

What happened?

I was in a rush to get on with planing a door, picked up the planer, and turned the power on while still holding the bottom (madam) where the big, whirring, blade lives with ‘hilarious consequences’.

big lie

like this one – but worse (obviously)

So why the big deal?

More than anything that’s happened before (car crashes, nailing hand to table, falling off cliffs etc) it has made me think – I put it down to being medicated and my generally more thoughtful self after years of self treatment.

There has always been the rule of STOP/THINK before pressing send/emerging from a junction/putting kittens into the microwave.

But now? Now I actually stop. And think.

I’ve applied it to everything.

Move the TV while it’s still plugged in?

Nope, it could snag on the cable.

Paint a ceiling while balancing on a couple of boxes?

Get the steps out you lazy git.

I’ve learned to say NO¬† to myself, always finish THIS job.


And things have got better.

I’m tidier and, in the last month, I haven’t drilled a hole in my kneecap.

All I’ve changed is that split second where I used to walk away to do something else – now I don’t do something else – I say STOP, DO THIS.

As usual it sounds glib but it works a treat – it also helps to take five minutes thinking before starting something to make sure it can be done in the available time.

Never move on to something new.

Be determined – procrastination has been knobbling you for years.





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