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It’s a medication that’s been around for a while in the USA where it goes under the brand name Vyvanse. Nope – I don’t get why they changed it either. It’s starting to appear regularly in the UK.

What is it? It’s a variation on an established medication – Dexamfetamine sulphate (US spelling).

The difference is that it’s a slow release medication which changes the delivery experience, most users finding it much easier going.

That’s definitely a good thing.

Electronic Diagnosis

The FDA (US regulator) has approved use of a technique that involves the interpretation of a twenty minute EEG test – that’s when they stick electrodes to your head. It’s a bit controversial and is only accepted for kids – but it’s the future, it can only get better and more accurate. It’s not here yet.

NICE Quality Standards

Our very own NICE have issued a Quality Standard for the treatment of ADHD in England


This was issued in July 2013 – it carries an obligation to be fully implemented within two years.

There are other obligations already in place concerning quality of life outcomes for chronic disorders (that’s us) which means that anyone presenting ADHD symptoms will get a standardised treatment ie a good one.

Just the one fly in the ointment here – the health authorities (PCT or CCG) are still capable of breaking the standard, mainly through obstruction (usually a refusal to fund cases). Some have tried to ‘red list’ medications (refuse to supply them on financial grounds) which is obviously when we need to get a campaign together to stop them doing this.

If it happens in your area please get in touch (mADDchester, AADD-UK or your local support organisation) so we can get cracking on it.

and on this note




Coming soon – DSM 5

Watch this space.

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