Illusions – Book Review

really good, honest!

This one

Not something that happens every day on here – a book review. Of a book with no obvious connection to ADHD that was written in the 1970s.


Because it carries a great message.

It’s all about a pilot selling rides in his plane who finds someone else doing the same. Someone who never refuels his plane and who breaks all the laws of nature whenever he feels like it.


Learning this stuff would be great – walking on water, through walls etc.

It’s a journey from the impossible to the possible by the hardest method known to man – belief in yourself.

There has to be things that you can’t do now that you could if you believed in yourself.

That’s not in some unrealistic, deluded way.

We can all look at other ADHDers and ask ourselves why they are doing betterĀ  – how they finished school, or got a degree, or are running multinational corporations, stuff like that.

A little belief (and hard work!) will improve your life. No miracles are promised. But better is always better.

A simple premise that is easy to forget in the chaos of existence.

It’s a good book, moves along quickly and it’s short.

The bit about falling off a pond made me laugh.










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