Dull, Dull, Dull

Latest news! *looks at blank piece of paper*

I just can’t get excited by the low level tosh doing the rounds in ADHD world.

The site hasn’t had an update for ages – not dead,  just underwhelmed.

There have been claims that a complicated mix of vitamins could be a treatment.

Well – woop-di-doo.

Living healthily is always a good plan – optimise everything (diet/exercise/lifestyle).

There was an article about peripheral treatments – but all it said was ‘not enough information to draw proper conclusions’.

Very helpful.

And I saved the best morsel till last.

Kids given ‘neurofeedback’ training show more long term improvements, compared to standard cognitive training.

Not the worlds biggest surprise there – get your training in early because the older you are the harder you are to ‘train’.

And that’s it – riveting eh?

Nearly forgot – Dr Richard Saul is an arse. He’s in the Daily Mail (adhd doesn’t exist etc etc) so no more needs to be said.




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