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True this

True this

Last week I gave a talk at a disabilities conference. People from all walks (wheelchairs) of life were there, some with high degrees of disability, which is both humbling and inspirational.

Being someone with an invisible disability you frequently feel a bit of a fraud with your marching in on two working legs and lack of requirements to make normal life ‘normal’.

But that’s not exactly true.

A quick look at my CV (sacked, walked out, sick, benefits – repeat for 35 years) and my record in relationships (never married, no kids, no mortgage, explosive short relationships¬† usually with other NDs) is indicative that I’m not playing with a full deck even though it looks like I am to the casual observer.

*ahem* Back to the picture.

And what we gathered for – to exchange and compare experiences and formulate concepts that can be adapted for use by all.

And that works for ADHDers too – the more you know about yourself and the systems that are in place to ‘control’ you the better.

That’s not an exhortation to learn biochemistry/pharmacology or any other complex medical knowledge (but it does help if you know some basics) but a reminder that we are individuals and feeble against the powers that be – but if you know what’s what and have support of other people who also know a bit here and a bit there then you can make a monster bigger than the sum of its parts.

I know I’m a deeply flawed individual. I try to not let it bother me too much – I’ve spent half a century navel gazing to little effect apart from upsetting myself so it’s good to stop letting it be upsetting.

And that’s the trick – take away what hurts and you have less hurt. As long as you don’t hang onto it, like we tend to do.

So – no sitting on your hands pretending that you’re hogtied by the state and your own condition. Don’t be your own worst enemy – find, learn, belong and move forward.

Don’t look back, we’re not going that way.



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