Yes, we’re still here – just not posting a lot.

For Manchester folk – local news.

Salford appears to have lost Dr Tint. I’ll post up news of any replacement or where the Salford patients are going to be referred when I get news. edit Sept 2014 – someone has reported that Dr Tint is still working for Salford.

Dr Lewin is proving popular at Trafford Extended Services – part of GMWMHFT.

Some areas that used to be served by Pennine Care now have an ADHD service run by L.A.N.C. who are well known in the London area.

And, despite rumours of its demise, the Manchester adult ADHD clinic is still running from Manchester Royal (Rawnsley building) though they appear to be completely snowed under with work.

I’ve seen a letter that was sent to several CCGs GPs telling them that Manchester is only accepting ‘priority’ cases (eg transitions from CAMHS and other people that are already diagnosed and emergencies).

If anyone can work out why ‘Patient Choice’ doesn’t apply to anyone seeking a referral would they please let me know




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