UPDATE – latest on Manchester Adult ADHD Clinic

Further to the update below.

The Manchester adult ADHD clinic is not accepting new referrals, except emergencies and transitions from CAMHS.

I have seen a letter stating that they have so many patients that they can’t treat any more, hence the lack of new referrals.

I have heard (word of mouth) that a new member of staff has been recruited and will start work shortly. Apparently there is a lot of training to be done (good) so they won’t be taking new referrals for some time, possibly 2015 (bad).

At least we know that the future holds an expanded service. Go on…gizzajob  😉

Why don’t you guys keep us in the loop? Come on Manchester – if we don’t know what’s happening we only live in fear of the worst conjecture we can think of, and we’re great at that.


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