Hello 2015

New year, same old problems.


The cuts to mental health funding are getting worse and it doesn’t help that there’s more of us year on year (I was here first etc etc).

For anyone reading this in Greater Manchester and is waiting for a diagnosis – it’s not really a funding problem that’s stopping the process (it kind of is…read on) but a lack of staff. It’s not all areas that have this problem but it is a lot of them – thank you postcode lottery.

Each staff member can only look after so many people so they can’t diagnose people who aren’t going to be looked after and they’ve reached their limit.

The world of research is going on and new techniques are coming in – as will a new medication.

A quick explanation about unlicensed medication

Some doctors might try to fob you off with nonsense about unlicensed medications.

A lot of ADHD medications are unlicensed, I’ve been taking them for years. It doesn’t mean they can’t be prescribed.

It’s not just ADHD meds – it’s common to be prescribed unlicensed medications eg I recently went to my doc’s with a skin condition and was prescribed anti dandruff shampoo. It’s not designed to be put on the skin…it’s shampoo. But it works and I don’t care what it says on the bottle – my GP was sure it would work so I went along with it.

It’s the same principal and not being licensed is frequently because getting the licence is expensive (lots and lots of testing over a very long period). It may have been tested in another country, with a good testing record, but not for here.

If a GP is fobbing you off with another flimsy excuse feel free to get in contact so I can tell you whether they are right or not – remember a GP is a generalist not a specialist.





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