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Like this, maybe

Like this, maybe

Our good friends at Lifeshare (a Manchester support organisation for young homeless) are organising an exhibition and they’ve invited us, and several other similar groups, to contribute our arts/crafts. It can be anything – traditional painting,  poetry, carving, film…whatever you like. If it tells a story about ADHD then that’s great (we’re having our own area), but it doesn’t have to – anything goes, as long as it’s not ‘threatening’ – vulnerable people will see the exhibition so a little tact is expected, but ‘tasteful’ nudity and strong language are not banned outright. If you’re not sure ask. You might even be able to put on a performance.

The exhibition will be on between April 10th-17th so arrange for your work to be with me before that, preferably by Friday April 3rd. The Venue is on the ground floor of 3 Piccadilly Place – it’s a large, well lit, room with bare breeze block/concrete walls.

Since the venue is supplied for free we aren’t allowed to put nails in the wall and electricity is only available for low power consumption items – flashing LEDs OK, 3 bar electric fires, no.  If it’s not obvious how it should be displayed, or you have specific requirements, let it be known and if you want a description of your work (eg explaining something not obvious) we can have it laminated or stuck to a wall.


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