Bacteria Causes ADHD! (no they don’t)

Is it these guys?

Recently a fascinating report appeared in the medical press about how gut bacteria play a part in ADHD.

I nearly spat my drink onto my keyboard (I really need a waterproof keyboard).

Gut bacteria? ADHD?

What a complete load of tosh!

Is what I said to myself first.

The gut has been pulling surprises on us for years – first it was stomach ulcers not being caused by acid, but by bacteria – ulcers are now treated by antibiotics.

So although I found the bacteria/ADHD link hard to swallow (watch out for more gut puns) I came round to a sceptical-yet-open-to-more-information state.

I’m not convinced by the snippets I’ve seen so far – it’s been a bit thin on detail and bacteria are something I’ve not looked into – but it might go somewhere.

My point – be sceptical but open minded – weird stuff can turn out to be true.

Here’s a link



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