Happy New Year

I need to post something, now and again, to remind people that this page is still ‘live’.

It’s hard – the interweb is awash with ADHD stuff and I have little faith in my opinion, so don’t publish trivia from either.

It’s not as if I don’t have opinions ( I have opinions about everything, including things I haven’t heard about yet) but I have a modicum of self awareness, so don’t want to bore you with my meanderings. Errrrrrrrrrrrr.

I love a bit of irony, it proves I’m not a septic.

Did I mention it’s 2018?



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admin, Dave, David, planetdave, le grande fromage (LGF) - it's all me. I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2006 and usually take medication. My path to diagnosis was so painful that I swore I'd do whatever I could to make things better for other ADHDers.
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