Insurance Companies Are Scamming Us (UK)

Not This Bad

Recently part of my neighbour’s roof decided to break into my house. It wasn’t subtle about it, just smashed its way in.

OK – let’s claim against the neighbour.

Insurance company says no. Theirs, mine – they’re all in on this.

The insurance companies have decreed that special conditions were met, in this case a wind speed in excess of n at the nearest recording station.

They then close ranks and pay out only their own customers (what if I was uninsured?).

At first glance this sounds like a winner – claims get processed more quickly, there’s no fighting between companies as they jostle to establish liability, less working hours are consumed…

Hang onna minute!

Less working hours. That’s £££!

And I’m forced to claim against MY insurance. Neighbour is insured. But if I claim on mine that’s £200 excess. Who doesn’t have an excess in their policy?

Hang onna minute!

They’ve just pocketed £200 of MY money for a claim that I was FORCED to make against my insurance, not my neighbour’s. Because they say so.

They also ‘say so’ for the weather condition exception that they granted themselves.

Then, come renewal time, I’ll be a higher risk because I made a claim. More £££.

This wasn’t MY building that went into self destruct mode, it was someone else’s.

Yet, somehow, the insurance fraternity has just trousered £millions by screwing us over with a bullshit excuse, which they can invoke whenever they feel they can get away with it.

There’s collusion here. You can call it a cabal and I’m sure there are other terms that describe how the insurance companies are stealing OUR money.


Plain and simple.


P.S. In my case a car, a restoration project, was damaged in the incident.

My house insurance doesn’t cover cars – ‘claim against your car insurance’ they say. It’s not insured. Especially not against next door’s ridge tiles blasting through a double glazed window into my, otherwise, extremely secure internal garage. It might as well have been in my living room!

If those ridge tiles had hit a lamp, or my couch, then I’d be fine. But because my property was not lamp shaped it isn’t covered. For an assault by an insured neighbour’s roof.

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