UK – Problems Getting A N.H.S. Diagnosis?

Some Clinical Commissioning Groups (you might know them as your health authority) are not referring adults to ADHD services and others have horrific waiting times.

Neither of these is acceptable.

One solution is to use Patient Choice (this is in England – other U.K. countries should have similar)

If you know your area has issues with ADHD provision ask your GP to use Patient Choice immediately – they will find a list of available services that you can use and you get to choose.

Sadly the C.C.Gs hate this – they lose the money it costs (all NHS services are charged for – it’s just that you never see a bill) if it isn’t in their area. Some C.C.Gs will deny Patient Choice exists (or tell other porky pies to try to wriggle out of it) or just try putting you off with obfuscation. Persist.

Even better – get help. There are many help groups in the UK and most of them can either help out or can point out someone who can. Facebook is rammed with ADHD groups – join a couple and ask away.

But don’t sit back and just do the ‘woe-is-me’ routine – nobody notices you behind a locked door. Ask for help.


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