Concerta for Adults

And today’s big news

Concerta, the most used extended release medication, has been licenced for adults in the UK.

It’s not as if Concerta isn’t being prescribed but having one of the major methylphenidate medications recognised indicates that all the methylphenidate based medications will follow in being licenced. Up until now it had to be prescribed ‘off label’ which discouraged some GPs. It’s also a pointer to others that ADHD exists in adults since there are medications tested specifically for adults (it’s an expensive process – you don’t have it done unless it’s worth while). So it’s a good thing.

However………it’s only licenced for adults that were prescribed Concerta before they hit the transitional age; it’s already licenced for kids so it means that they can continue to take a licenced medication – some suddenly found that their medication was no longer available due to suspicious GPs refusing to prescribe it.

So which medication is next for this torturous process?

There is profit in Concerta, so the company producing it has a vested interest in having it licenced, but Ritalin, and it’s generics, (ie instant release methylphenidate) is out of patent so is an orphan with no great commercial backing.

It’ll come. Expect it to take some time.


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