Another ADHDer Writes – LGF, My Part In His Victory

or – a small snippet from history which changed everything

In early 2002 I was off work for six months with a head injury and was bored rigid.

A rich friend (I’d taken him in when he was poor) gave me a PC and within a week I had broadband and had made my way onto the interwebs, causing mayhem.

I spent at least eight hours a day on a forum and had a solid core of both friends and enemies, due to my behaviour.

And then I got the PM that changed my life – a friend messaged me asking if I thought I had ADHD.

This was a shock – I’d always known that something was ‘up’ (I’d diagnosed myself with borderline personality disorder twenty years earlier – before ADHD existed. Yes, I’m that old) but the naughty child disorder? But my friend said they had it, and they were an adult and not noticeably affected. I hit the interwebs.

Within a week I was in my GP’s surgery* asking for a referral. And then the real struggle began, which shaped the person you know and loathe 😜

Anyway – thanks to Paul S, who gave me a cast off PC (retired from his software house) and to Mairie**, the ADHDer that headhunted me on an interweb forum. Obviously I don’t speak to them any more, because friendships are for wimps (or – ADHDers are rubbish at maintaining friendships).

Thanks to these two friends that changed the direction my life went.


*remember when you could get a GP appointment in three days? That was 2002.

**Mairie, the architect of my diagnosis, didn’t get to see me diagnosed (it took four years). I threw a ridiculous wobbly and that was that. It’s only taken me fifteen years to get round to an apology and thank you – you did good.

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