The Holiday

At 6PM on Saturday I said to myself  ‘sod it – I’ll go to my brother’s’. Which is 160 miles away.

I’d been vacillating about it; my brother wouldn’t be there on Saturday and I needed to be back on Monday but some of my nephews were doing a triathlon on Sunday.

So I packed my washbag, jumped in the apology for a car and went (via ASDA and the petrol station so it was 7:15 by the time I hit the road). I like driving so it was me, the road and the music….and some macho road fantasies that really should be done with a horse and a blanket and coffee that you boil for a week. Hmmm.

Saturday evening is nice for driving – very few trucks and everyone with any sense is already where they want to be. I get to brother’s somewhat after ten and have a chat with one of the trithleting nephews till bro gets back very late. Then bed, up early (7AM ON A SUNDAY!) and standing around in a field for several hours while the nephews knacker themselves heroically.

The weather conspired to be pleasant and the whole day ambled gently along with nothing in particular going on.

On the Monday morning I saddled up (stop it – ed) drove home.

People think I don’t do much but 24 hours holiday of doing absolutely nothing was a real luxury – I didn’t think about anything all day and when I did talk to anyone it was inconsequential and easygoing.

It was paradise.

All I need to do now is translate it into everyday life.

Except I needed to drive 160 miles for a bit of relaxation.

You know me – I’m going to turn this into a morality tale or something.

I want that level of composure every day. It’s not going to happen, because life is never that convenient, so some kind of life/work balance is going to be needed.

I know that I love to be surrounded by ADHDers – I can relax more. So why don’t I errrrrrrrrrrr. Hmmmmm.

But the principal remains the same for everyone. Make your entire life into positives and you’re going to do better. Some work as self medication  (or exercise or take in strays – yes, that’s me) but make everything count. Be creative and accentuate the positive by removing the negative. Look at yourself and make yourself a project. And no slacking!










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  1. dave says:

    Very funny, and very true. I used to make every negative a positive or at least something to make a laugh out of but seem to have lost the ability to do that recently. Must make an effort and get that ‘sod it’ attitude back into my life.

    Good story and good advice!!

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