October (2021) Is ADHD Awareness Month

‘Let’s do something’, they said. We are Officially Doing Something. This is it.

OK – it’s October 5th. Of course we’re late to the party, that’s how we roll.

This is the set up.

Every day (no laughing at the back) I’ll post something here.

It could be anything ADHD related – expect…every day to be…worth visiting.

I really have no idea what kind of material I’m going to be given – I just asked for ‘stuff’.

Don’t be fooled by this introduction – this really is a team effort. I just get to insert text around it in an attempt to make myself look important.

Random ADHD Fact No1

It’s called Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder.

Loads of us aren’t hyperactive. Some of us are carefully hiding it but a lot just aren’t physically hyperactive. Think you can spot us by looking for fidget spinners or busy feet under the table?

We’re all hyperactive – but mostly it’s going on in our heads.

ADHDer Of The Day

Andy Preston, Mayor of……Middlesborough. Wrong town, Andy. Wrong town. Opportunity missed.

Mr Preston is 55 and was diagnosed a year ago. So was 54! (I’m good at this game)

He was discovered when his son was being diagnosed ‘OK, that’s your son diagnosed. Where do you think you’re going, Mr Preston? Sit down.’

This happens a fair amount. ADHD is inherited – so if you have an ADHD child then one/both of the parents do. There are exceptions but that’s the general rule. Should have given a spoiler alert.


54 is fairly old to be diagnosed. Younger is definitely better. There’s no upper limit (but I didn’t advise my elderly mother to seek a diagnosis – she was too ‘dotty’ to make anything of it) but if you can benefit from it then go for it.

Is there an easy way to tell if you have ADHD in the family? There are clues.

Is everyone self employed? ADHDers aren’t good with bosses. Lots of divorces? Siblings that don’t speak? Families where car crashes happen on a regular basis?

On their own these ‘symptoms’ mean little – but if you’ve got the lot……….look into the possibility.

And to stop myself waffling – a link to what Andy Preston said (to the BBC)



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