The Last Leg – Discriminatory?

Way, way (way) back, in season 1 of The Last Leg, I noticed their bias in favour of the mobility impaired.

They used to have disabled guests on…so I thought I’d see if I could. Coz I’m disabled.

One Too Many?

I did some research and couldn’t find any way to contact them…except by Twitter. A single point of access, which I couldn’t manage – disabled, see.

This type of restriction is typical of organisations that wish to control who accesses them – might as well remove those ramps and put the stairs back in.

I emailed Chanel 4 about it.

Obviously it was dealt with by the work experience minion – whose opinion was ‘if you can’t manage Twitter then you should give up’.

Which I did.

Many years later and The Last Leg is still majoring on mobility impairment, though they have also taken visible impairments under their wing – hello Rosie Jones.

But Rosie is there as a disabled (visibly) entertainer – they gave up inviting disabled people, as front line guests, long ago. Yes – we’re not all entertaining.

But the bias still seems to be there – if you can’t show your prosthetic, or genuinely stumble onto the set, then you aren’t really disabled, are you?

It’s currently ADHD Awareness Month. I’m doing my bit to increase awareness of my variety of disability – one that you can’t see.

When I go to my GPs I notice their massive front door, with low level/low pressure opening switches – a massive investment in hardware. Behind which are the receptionists, who are barely trained bouncers. Guess which is the greater barrier to access to my GP, the door or the receptionists? That’s an access problem.

Guess what, Last Leg. After all the blustering on tonight’s show about PIP guess who still isn’t recognising invisible disabilities? I can’t use public transport, but it’s not the high step that stops me. No access all areas.


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