Subscribing and learning to use the site

Today saw our first subscriber joining up. So hello Angle, you are subscriber number 1.

That’s part of how this place works – you can interact with the content instead of just reading what someone is telling you.

It’s not a forum, and if you want to comment it has to be OKed by an administrator, but only abusive, stupid or ridiculously off topic comments will be moderated.

I’m not entirely sure what I can do with this place myself but I’m willing to play around and make the occasional mistake, and maybe edit it before anyone sees it, or even leave it in to show that I’ve got a sense of humour.

What will be coming is the usual ‘this is us, we do xyz and you can contact us at, the support group meeting is’ etc etc but you can ask for anything to be put on here. And that will happen – as soon as I know how to do it. And as long as it’s legal, decent, honest and comes with a huge cheque 😉



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admin, Dave, David, planetdave, le grande fromage (LGF) - it's all me. I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2006 and usually take medication. My path to diagnosis was so painful that I swore I'd do whatever I could to make things better for other ADHDers.
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  1. Ceres says:

    just listened to the Rory Bremner radio show. Great listening. Think this deserves to be forwarded to anyone connected to or with ADHD! it is well balanced and understandable programme, no sensationism, no showboating! Ceres.

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