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10th September 2013 – 12:15 Radio5 Live – a discussion about ADHD service provision (or something like that – it’s live so we’ll find out as we go along). Link to follow as soon as it’s available.


March 2012 – Radio 4 run an article on ADHD in their ‘Inside Health’ program.

The item starts just after 16 minutes.




Womans Hour has been featuring ADHD. In this edition two psychiatrists wrangle over medicating and diagnosing kids. One is right.

Click to link



Rory Bremner has recently been exploring ADHD on Radio 4

Rory forgets that he’s been using superglue.

There was

ADHD and me

And, on the back of that, an interview on Womans Hour. The interview starts slightly after 24 minutes 30 seconds.



thanks to subscriber No.1 ‘Angle’ for spotting the Womans Hour program. If you find something interesting then send it and it will appear.


I always recommend

Driven to Distraction by Edward Hallowell – anything by him is interesting

Is It You, Me or Adult A.D.D. by Gina Pera

You Mean I’m not Lazy, Crazy or Stupid?! by Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramundo

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