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Comments go into a big box with the millions of spam comments from people wanting to sell UGG boots, porn etc etc which doesn’t get checked on a daily basis. Not even annually.


We have two WhatsApp groups

a meetings group, which is meant as a chat-room about meetings, but you can jump in and introduce yourself Meets Chat

a meetings information group – which is read only – its just announcements about meetings/events and absolutely no chat (it’s turned off). Great for anyone that can”t stand fuss, and you can still ask questions by clicking on a name and opening a private conversation with them Meets Information


If don’t know what a Discord server is – it’s a website with multiple chat rooms, each having its own subject. The chatty rooms can be chatty but they are separated from the serious ones where you can ask in depth questions about eg medications and not get bothered by chat breaking out mADDchester Discord


Some information and links to events. You can also use Messenger to get in touch with us from there – much quicker than email Facebook

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