mADDchester Support Group Meetings


All are welcome – friends, relatives, partners and especially the undiagnosed (we all started out undiagnosed so know what’s what).

The format is simple – there are no rules, no charges, no notes taken – you show up (we aren’t bothered if you turn up at your leisure)  and ask anything you want, there’s usually someone with relevant experience. You don’t even have to talk about ADHD – it’s completely open.

And we’re friendly. ADHDers tend to be friendly and non-judgemental (who are we to judge?) and everyone had to come to a first meet, so we know what that feels like, so we’re very welcoming.

Look out for me (David) – mug shot below. That shirt is my meet ‘uniform’. Also Tufty the Squirrel, who will be on our table.

It’s usually best to email a few days before to get my number (if I put it here I get spam calls all day long).


If anyone wants to arrange their own meet send an email and it can appear here – we’re here to support you!


if you need any further detail mail us – the address is

If you have any issues you don’t want discussing in open meeting you can always talk, in confidence, with our staff by email, phone or in person, to see if we can help. Catch us at the meeting or arrange any other contact by mailing the address above.


Are you terrible at checking for updates?

Ask to be on our mailing list (spam free) so the updates come to you.

Send an email to the address above asking to be added to it.


May 2021


Thursday 27th May


Heaton Park 2-3:30PM

An outdoor meet due to the Covid restrictions

Find us at the benches just inside the park entrance (the one by the tram stop)

Click For Map

I will have location turned on in my Messenger app – contact me via the mADDchester Facebook page to message me and get into the Messenger group.

Link To The mADDchester Facebook Page

There is plenty of parking in the park – it’s all pay and display.

There’s cafe and toilets (open until 4PM) in the park.

It’s unlikely we will stick to the benches for long – if you are thinking of coming along I’d recommend getting in touch 1st so you have a contact number/link to the Messenger location ie can  trace where my phone is.

I will try to be early – 2-3:30 are the ‘core’ times – arriving early/staying late are all options (but I’ll probably leave on time due to traffic concerns – others might hang about).


March 2020

Monday  16th  March  7-9PM


Costa Coffee

The Trafford Centre

at the front of the food court, between Five Guys and Nando’s, near the exit to the car park.

M17 8AA

Please check that we haven’t been forced to cancel due to that damned virus – as close to the meet time as you can.

February 2020

Wednesday 26th  7-9PM

A Social at

The Bull’s Head

84 London Road


M1 2PN

The pub is opposite Piccadilly train station taxi rank

There is parking in the side street (Granby Row) – pay and display till 8PM, free after that.

 July 2019

Monday 29th July 7-9PM

Jackson’s Boat (pub)

Rifle Rd, Sale M33 2LX

The pub has a large beer garden – if it’s not raining we’ll probably be there.

It’s an open area so there might not be shade. Get sunscreen, or a hat, if you are sun bothered.

Well behaved dogs/children are welcome.

They have a pay and display car park – fee refundable if you make a purchase.

If you’re anything like me then you’ll take the free option and walk rather than trying to remember change/refunds. Both Sale Water Park and the tram stop have free parking – it’s a short walk away.

Getting there – car. Best to take Junction 6 of the M60. It’s signposted from there. Set sat-nav to M33 2LX.

Tram. The Metrolink Victoria-Manchester Airport line is a very short stroll away.



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