UPDATE – latest on Manchester Adult ADHD Clinic

Further to the update below.

The Manchester adult ADHD clinic is not accepting new referrals, except emergencies and transitions from CAMHS.

I have seen a letter stating that they have so many patients that they can’t treat any more, hence the lack of new referrals.

I have heard (word of mouth) that a new member of staff has been recruited and will start work shortly. Apparently there is a lot of training to be done (good) so they won’t be taking new referrals for some time, possibly 2015 (bad).

At least we know that the future holds an expanded service. Go on…gizzajob  😉

Why don’t you guys keep us in the loop? Come on Manchester – if we don’t know what’s happening we only live in fear of the worst conjecture we can think of, and we’re great at that.


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Life Tip – Especially Good For Parents

I stole this from a book about chimps – I hope they don’t mind.


Your child runs out of school with their very first painting. It is terrible.

They run up to you brandishing the painting. You say ‘what a brilliant painting, that’s going on the fridge door’.

Ignore that you have told a lie, that kind of lie is OK.

The rest of the statement is more interesting and could be said better.

What you should say is ‘hello darling (or whatever positive term you use, and it must be positive) – ooh, a painting. Let’s put it on the fridge door’.

Most people can’t see a significant difference between the two versions.

BUT the first one has made a connection, a harmful one, that might stick in the developing mind FOREVER.

The connection is that you have brilliant (or pretty, whatever you used) and an expectation of brilliance.

The painting is going on the fridge door whatever because it’s special, not because it is brilliant.

You may still be mystified. The difference between the statements is that the second one just says ‘I love you, whatever the circumstances and whatever you bring because I just do and you never need to worry about that’.

The first one says ‘I love you, but it’s conditional on you being brilliant. Fall below that standard and you’re toast’.

You might not intend to say that, I hope not. But communication is tricky and choosing the wrong words can hurt, or even do lifelong harm. For an ADHDer, with their oversensitive emotional state, that can be double.

As humans we are never brilliant at everything. Stephen Fry is a genius, lovely etc etc but is also deeply flawed.

I used an example with a child because it is more easily explained. But it works for any relationship – think about how you phrase things because you can connect things that you don’t intend to and can come home to bite you in the bum later on.

Don’t be conditional unless you actually mean it.







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Yes, we’re still here – just not posting a lot.

For Manchester folk – local news.

Salford appears to have lost Dr Tint. I’ll post up news of any replacement or where the Salford patients are going to be referred when I get news. edit Sept 2014 – someone has reported that Dr Tint is still working for Salford.

Dr Lewin is proving popular at Trafford Extended Services – part of GMWMHFT.

Some areas that used to be served by Pennine Care now have an ADHD service run by L.A.N.C. who are well known in the London area.

And, despite rumours of its demise, the Manchester adult ADHD clinic is still running from Manchester Royal (Rawnsley building) though they appear to be completely snowed under with work.

I’ve seen a letter that was sent to several CCGs GPs telling them that Manchester is only accepting ‘priority’ cases (eg transitions from CAMHS and other people that are already diagnosed and emergencies).

If anyone can work out why ‘Patient Choice’ doesn’t apply to anyone seeking a referral would they please let me know




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Quinn, an autistic boy, and the line of toys he made before falling asleep. Repeatedly stacking or lining up objects is a behavior commonly associated with autism. Credit: Wikipedia.

Here’s a link to some ASD research which I found very interesting – the gene link gets stronger all the time

gene network link



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Been Resting

True this

True this

Last week I gave a talk at a disabilities conference. People from all walks (wheelchairs) of life were there, some with high degrees of disability, which is both humbling and inspirational.

Being someone with an invisible disability you frequently feel a bit of a fraud with your marching in on two working legs and lack of requirements to make normal life ‘normal’.

But that’s not exactly true.

A quick look at my CV (sacked, walked out, sick, benefits – repeat for 35 years) and my record in relationships (never married, no kids, no mortgage, explosive short relationships  usually with other NDs) is indicative that I’m not playing with a full deck even though it looks like I am to the casual observer.

*ahem* Back to the picture.

And what we gathered for – to exchange and compare experiences and formulate concepts that can be adapted for use by all.

And that works for ADHDers too – the more you know about yourself and the systems that are in place to ‘control’ you the better.

That’s not an exhortation to learn biochemistry/pharmacology or any other complex medical knowledge (but it does help if you know some basics) but a reminder that we are individuals and feeble against the powers that be – but if you know what’s what and have support of other people who also know a bit here and a bit there then you can make a monster bigger than the sum of its parts.

I know I’m a deeply flawed individual. I try to not let it bother me too much – I’ve spent half a century navel gazing to little effect apart from upsetting myself so it’s good to stop letting it be upsetting.

And that’s the trick – take away what hurts and you have less hurt. As long as you don’t hang onto it, like we tend to do.

So – no sitting on your hands pretending that you’re hogtied by the state and your own condition. Don’t be your own worst enemy – find, learn, belong and move forward.

Don’t look back, we’re not going that way.



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News! Real Stuff!!

Driving in the UK with ADHD

You can be prosecuted for driving with ADHD in the UK…..IF it affects your driving!

If it doesn’t then you no longer have to declare it


If you’re not sure ask your doc – the only people who don’t get clearance are the very badly distracted/impulsive, usually they can’t pass the test anyway.


To think I’d declared today as dull, dull, dull. Tsk.


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Dull, Dull, Dull

Latest news! *looks at blank piece of paper*

I just can’t get excited by the low level tosh doing the rounds in ADHD world.

The site hasn’t had an update for ages – not dead,  just underwhelmed.

There have been claims that a complicated mix of vitamins could be a treatment.

Well – woop-di-doo.

Living healthily is always a good plan – optimise everything (diet/exercise/lifestyle).

There was an article about peripheral treatments – but all it said was ‘not enough information to draw proper conclusions’.

Very helpful.

And I saved the best morsel till last.

Kids given ‘neurofeedback’ training show more long term improvements, compared to standard cognitive training.

Not the worlds biggest surprise there – get your training in early because the older you are the harder you are to ‘train’.

And that’s it – riveting eh?

Nearly forgot – Dr Richard Saul is an arse. He’s in the Daily Mail (adhd doesn’t exist etc etc) so no more needs to be said.




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Illusions – Book Review

really good, honest!

This one

Not something that happens every day on here – a book review. Of a book with no obvious connection to ADHD that was written in the 1970s.


Because it carries a great message.

It’s all about a pilot selling rides in his plane who finds someone else doing the same. Someone who never refuels his plane and who breaks all the laws of nature whenever he feels like it.


Learning this stuff would be great – walking on water, through walls etc.

It’s a journey from the impossible to the possible by the hardest method known to man – belief in yourself.

There has to be things that you can’t do now that you could if you believed in yourself.

That’s not in some unrealistic, deluded way.

We can all look at other ADHDers and ask ourselves why they are doing better  – how they finished school, or got a degree, or are running multinational corporations, stuff like that.

A little belief (and hard work!) will improve your life. No miracles are promised. But better is always better.

A simple premise that is easy to forget in the chaos of existence.

It’s a good book, moves along quickly and it’s short.

The bit about falling off a pond made me laugh.










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2013 – Good or Bad?


Thanks for dropping in – same time, same place next year.





Oh go on then.


It’s a medication that’s been around for a while in the USA where it goes under the brand name Vyvanse. Nope – I don’t get why they changed it either. It’s starting to appear regularly in the UK.

What is it? It’s a variation on an established medication – Dexamfetamine sulphate (US spelling).

The difference is that it’s a slow release medication which changes the delivery experience, most users finding it much easier going.

That’s definitely a good thing.

Electronic Diagnosis

The FDA (US regulator) has approved use of a technique that involves the interpretation of a twenty minute EEG test – that’s when they stick electrodes to your head. It’s a bit controversial and is only accepted for kids – but it’s the future, it can only get better and more accurate. It’s not here yet.

NICE Quality Standards

Our very own NICE have issued a Quality Standard for the treatment of ADHD in England


This was issued in July 2013 – it carries an obligation to be fully implemented within two years.

There are other obligations already in place concerning quality of life outcomes for chronic disorders (that’s us) which means that anyone presenting ADHD symptoms will get a standardised treatment ie a good one.

Just the one fly in the ointment here – the health authorities (PCT or CCG) are still capable of breaking the standard, mainly through obstruction (usually a refusal to fund cases). Some have tried to ‘red list’ medications (refuse to supply them on financial grounds) which is obviously when we need to get a campaign together to stop them doing this.

If it happens in your area please get in touch (mADDchester, AADD-UK or your local support organisation) so we can get cracking on it.

and on this note




Coming soon – DSM 5

Watch this space.

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November Newsletter

This month…it’s support group tastic!

mADDchester will be hosting two meets, see our support group page for details.

I’ve been out and about to meet the ‘neighbours’ and give them a little free publicity.

Firstly – add up

What they say

a support service for parents and carers of children and young people with Attention Deficit Disorders

I went to meet Amanda and some of the other volunteers – keep up the good work

They run a drop in every Tuesday morning 10:30-13:00 at

Alpha House



M22 5RG

T:07597 152355


Also new this month – a support group for adults in Lancashire

ADHD Lancashire

First meet this Thursday (7th November)


Good luck!




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